To take down

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To reduce; to bring down, as from a high, or higher, place; as, to take down a book; hence, to bring lower; to depress; to abase or humble; as, to take down pride, or the proud.
To swallow; as, to take down a potion.
- Goldsmith.
To pull down; to pull to pieces; as, to take down a house or a scaffold.
To record; to write down; as, to take down a man's words at the time he utters them.

See also: Take, Take, Take, Take

References in classic literature ?
Well, perhaps you are right, sir," said she, and was about to take down the bottle when the Crooked Magician suddenly called to her excitedly from the fireplace.
One report is enough to take down content if it violates our policies, and multiple reports will not lead to the removal of content if it meets our standards, it added.
is defending plans to take down roughly 500 trees near Green Hill Park as part of efforts to eradicate the Asian longhorned beetle, saying such action is needed to protect the park from future infestation.
It seems Azzi was forced to take down the painting after members of the BIEL security team objected to the portrait being hung in a venue that serves alcohol.
VILLAGERS have scrapped plans to take down their Christmas tree because a bird has built a nest in it and laid an egg.
Workmen were sent out to take down all the others as a precaution.
Federal agencies are enmeshed in a dispute over whether to take down four huge hydroelectric dams on the Snake River, the largest tributary of the Columbia River, to restore salmon and steelhead migration through Washington State into Idaho.
But they are not required to obtain a permit to take down unprotected trees on an already developed piece of land.
It's safe to take down trees until the end of June.
When the city sent her a notice to take down the sign or face prosecution from the city's code enforcement division, she went to Engen.
She said many owners understand the scope of the problem and are allowing crews to take down trees that are susceptible to infestation.
The city staff has removed about 70 signs and sent dozens of notices to candidates to take down illegally posted signs, according to documents released Wednesday.