To take effect

to become operative, to accomplish aims.
- Shak.
See under Effect, and Fire.

See also: Effect, Take

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That said, some of the reforms are only starting to take effect.
Not long before the ban was to take effect, two French journalists were kidnapped in Iraq by a group called the Islamic Army of Iraq that demanded repeal of the ban.
To avoid the application of the new law and this regulation, XYZ worked feverishly to obtain a building permit before the new rules were to take effect.
The earliest the Designation of Homestead takes effect when filed this way is about 10 months after the Homestead Tax Exemption, and if the homeowner wasn't eligible for the Tax exemption in that year, it can take up to two years for the Designation of Homestead to take effect.
Branch, the DMV spokesman, said that in the past it had taken 90 days for changes in the fee to take effect, because DMV officials need 30 days to reprogram their computers and the law requires that the bills be mailed out 60 days ahead of their due date.
With the city's sign ordinance due to take effect late next year, staff members are fine-tuning the document so that business owners can make changes with minimal confusion.