To talk to

to advise or exhort, or to reprove gently; as, I will talk to my son respecting his conduct.
- Addison.

See also: Talk

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The problem is that many of us never learn to talk to our children.
As children grow older, they learn to defer their need for immediate gratification and can come back later to talk to you, although this doesn't happen very often.
If you decide you are willing to expend the energy to listen, here are some techniques that will help you listen so people will want to talk to you and will value you as a person who helps them solve problems.
Skype wants to get everyone talking and our Talk for Britain campaign aims to inspire people all over the UK to start looking at new ways to talk to people for free, or for very little money," Shrimpton concluded.
The fastest way to put your listener to sleep is to talk to him in language he doesn't understand.
The company is also committed to working with other service providers to create a federation model that enables users on any member network to talk to users on any other member network in a secure and abuse-free manner.
This is how Push and Talk works: First, the user selects the people he or she wants to talk to from a list.
We are delighted to be working with Partner to introduce push to talk to the Israeli market," says Rajeev Suri, Vice President, Networks, Nokia.
Thousands of voters visited the 'Shape the Future' Web site during the recent election and many of them used Push to Talk to communicate with election officials -- proving that it is an important and essential means of communicating on the Internet," said Luis Machuca, ITXC Executive Vice President and General Manager of E-commerce.
Online customers can also choose to talk to representatives using Voice over IP (VoIP) in PC to PC mode or PC to PSTN connections, or by requesting a standard telephone call-back.
Leading institutions have contributed their expertise to Talk to Me, including the European Commission, the French Ministry of Education, the University of Barcelona and the Geothe Institute.