To throw away

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To lose by neglect or folly; to spend in vain; to bestow without a compensation; as, to throw away time; to throw away money.
To reject; as, to throw away a good book, or a good offer.

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References in classic literature ?
It is a fight E L'OUTRANCE, and we can afford to throw away or forgo no chance.
and Julia having come out with the intent to throw away a hundred-dollar note that her mother had given her that morning, the bargain was concluded.
Eager inquiries concerning the twins were pouring into their enchanted ears all the time; each was the constant center of a group of breathless listeners; each recognized that she knew now for the first time the real meaning of that great word Glory, and perceived the stupendous value of it, and understand why men in all ages had been willing to throw away meaner happiness, treasure, life itself, to get a taste of its sublime and supreme joy.
George told him that he was mistaken; they had no money to throw away on driving.
They have the right not to cooperate but they don't have the right to throw away food," Haitham said.
Steve Paterson admitted the title is Brora's to throw away after his Formartine side slipped to their second defeat in three games.
A friend had a very smart new stainless steel kettle for the Aga and was going to throw away the old electric one until I suggested she keep it for the shed.
The Royals threw away a 4-0 lead in the recent Capital One Cup match, eventually losing 7-5 after extra time, and even when they do go in front they manage to throw away more points than any other Prem side.
With the Westend defenders unable to cope with the speed and ability of the Meltham attack it was no surprise when they conceded two late goals to throw away the points and leave themselves facing a relegation battle for the remaining matches of the season.
And doctors who do not have enough patients to treat within that time are having to throw away the unused doses.
THE LEADER of the Orthodox flock in Cyprus will ask school children to throw away their history books if he feels they have been distorted, the primate warned yesterday.
SHORTLY after urging families not to throw away food, Gordon Brown and world leaders enjoyed a lavish banquet at the start of the G8 summit to discuss world famine.