To tone down

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To cause to give lower tone or sound; to give a lower tone to.
(Paint.) To modify, as color, by making it less brilliant or less crude; to modify, as a composition of color, by making it more harmonius.

See also: Tone, Tone

References in classic literature ?
Prince Andrew, who had evidently wished to tone down the awkwardness of Pierre's remarks, rose and made a sign to his wife that it was time to go.
And I think, Grahame, that lately she has been trying constantly, persistently, to tone down my opinions.
And on the morrow he retraced his steps and proceeded to tone down his impressions of the great Lombard artist.
Mr Harker said his advert was meant as a joke, and added that he would refuse to tone down his controversial approach.
Deputy Speaker Gwendolyn Garcia then asked Aguirre if Sereno wanted him to tone down the letter to 'gloss over' the fact that there is danger in Mindanao at the time the propriety of President Rodrigo Duterte placing the entire region under martial law was being argued.
STRICTLY champ Abbey Clancy has been using self-help guides in a bid to tone down her Liverpool accent.
TV bosses have been forced to tone down sex scenes in a Mary Queen of Scots drama.
Summary: MP Walid Jumblatt said rival political leaders needed to tone down their political rhetoric and engage in dialogue to prevent more violence from striking the country.
West is said to have even encouraged his girlfriend to tone down her make-up to be more like the fashionable royal.
Mumbai, September 28, 2011 (Frontier Star): After saying that Washington was losing patience with Pakistan for not acting on terror groups, the US is now trying to tone down its stance.
There's afterglow (yellow) to disguise dark circles and brighten skin; dewkist (green) to tone down redness; nude (light beige) to camouflage discolouration and sand (deep beige) to cover up blemishes.
Samantha called Lohan and begged her to tone down her wild ways and seek help.