To turn the tables

to change the condition or fortune of contending parties; - a metaphorical expression taken from the vicissitudes of fortune in gaming.
- Acts vi. 2.

See also: Table

References in classic literature ?
Oh, certainly,' rejoined Nicholas; 'but suppose I were to turn the tables, and pull HIS nose, what then?
the girls have only to turn the tables, and say of one of their own sex, "She is as vain as a man," and they will have perfect reason.
Not that I ever suffered much from them; I took care to turn the tables.
He was clever enough, however, not to betray them, and lucky enough to turn the tables on us, as you shall hear.
I want to turn the tables upon them--I want to mortify them as they mortified me.
Indeed, she was all out to win at Kilbeggan last time and Definite Class has enough of a pull at the weights to turn the tables.
Hulse (above) struck twice to turn the tables on Preston, who took a 10th-minute lead through Jon Parkin's 10th goal of the season.
It's time to turn the tables and put those who cause the damage under the spotlight.
But Bloomberg didn't miss the opportunity to turn the tables on his hosts.
And Wright would love to turn the tables when the county come to the Citylets Grange for this weekend's FP Trophy clash.
ROWING: Cambridge University are looking to their little and large combination to turn the tables on Oxford in the 153rd Boat Race on Saturday.
Sam sets his sights on Bugs, but the wascally wabbit knows how to turn the tables.