To veer away

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And perhaps some women also want to veer away with the idea that people see computer science enthusiasts as geeks and nerds, or robot.
Allen said: "We want to veer away from delivering a dull, literal reflection of Thomas's original work, intending instead to explore some of the more erotic, visceral elements of the richly funny, filthily fluid, magical dreamscape - whilst not stooping to mess with Thomas' original text.
But the state under this system began to veer away from support of communism, and eventually the state collapsed.
The storm started to veer away, however, before making landfall.
I was less persuaded by the segment on chocolate, where Healey seemed to veer away from looking at health benefits to what makes it so addictive (turns out it's not chemicals, it's the fact it melts at body temperature and, of course, that it contains sugar and fat).
We told them to veer away from animals because they're not used to seeing hundreds of cars in their area.
The storm was projected to veer away from the Philippines in the direction of
Downtown Fayetteville is, luckily, starting to veer away from only a bar scene," she said.
It was always going to take a decent vehicle to persuade bona fide movie star James Woods to veer away from his glittering film career and lend his status to a TV show.
The Dorset trainer felt his eight-year-old was not entirely suited by the track when landing the Nigel Clark Feltham Novices' Chase by two and a half lengths, as he showed a tendency to veer away from the inside rail.
A man was ahead of her, but turned to confront her and, as she tried to veer away, he pursued her while indecently exposing himself.
These statements seem to veer away from the bishops' previous trenchant opposition to all such experimentation and to the use of such methods to help infertile couples have children.