To walk

References in classic literature ?
For a moment he stood thus, rubbing his hands together and looking up and down the road, and then, fear overcoming him, ran back to walk again upon the porch on his own house.
Upon the veranda of his house by the ravine, Wing Biddlebaum continued to walk up and down until the sun had disappeared and the road beyond the field was lost in the grey shadows.
Living Streets champions pedestrians and campaigns for safe, attractive streets where people want to walk.
Over the years numerous notables have given their support to Walk the Walk, including His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Paul and Stella McCartney, Sir Richard Branson, Pierce Brosnan, and designer Swarovski Crystal.
While there are plenty of choices on how to walk a labyrinth, there is no right experience or correct outcome for the walk.
In his trek, supported by Marks and Spencer and Marriott Hotels, the 54- year-old sportsman is aiming to walk at a pace of 4.
There are many ways to encourage more school and community groups to walk and run with kids.
A HIPPIE THING The new robots rely on carefully designed mechanical tricks to walk while using extremely little energy.
2 Observe blindfolded test subject as he or she tries to walk straight across the field to the opposite side.
The more you enjoy your walks, the more likely you are to walk consistently; # Make it a DAILY habit.
The team agreed that the residents liked to walk and it would be advantageous to make use of this energy.
At a time when many Catholics--especially younger ones--seem to be dusting off traditions from the past, the labyrinth can be a good stepping-off point for modern-day pilgrims trying to walk a spiritual path.