To wear off

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to diminish or remove by attrition or slow decay; as, to wear off the nap of cloth.
to pass away by degrees; as, the follies of youth wear off with age.

See also: Wear, Wear

References in classic literature ?
Together with the rest of the party, he had been overawed by our white appearance and by our magic properties; but it seemed to me that, on discovering that we ate, drank, and slept like other mortals, his awe was beginning to wear off, and to be replaced by a sullen suspicion--which made me feel rather uncomfortable.
He had not had his clothes off for thirty hours, and the stimulus of violent excitement was beginning to wear off.
I can only suggest that you should postpone any decision until the effect of this misunderstanding has had time to wear off.
Summary: Maybelline should blush, and pay up, for overstating how long it takes a popular brand of lipstick and lip gloss to wear off, according to a lawsuit filed on Friday.
Melatonin's effect starts to wear off at around 8 a.
After that, it takes one hour for every unit to wear off, if you have drunk eight units or less.
It's a big relief,'' said Gagne, who waited for the post-surgery drugs to wear off, then drove himself to Angel Stadium for Saturday night's game.
Dyskinesia means that for an hour or so after traditional medication is taken, and then as it begins to wear off, the sufferer writhes and twists uncontrollably.
In Tokyo the effect is muted; nowadays foreigners are everywhere in the city, and their fascination may have started to wear off.
The placebo effect of passing this legislation is beginning to wear off," said Bruce Thomas, Vice President at Conning.
Its skin conditioning effects take a long time to wear off.
Ever since those who dreamed up such things realized that the addiction never seems to wear off the camper and word-of-mouth means more business, they'll continue to find those willing to overlook the $15,000 sticker shock just to have ultimate bragging rights or, even better, deliver the best Father's Day gift ever.