To weigh down

To overbalance.
To oppress with weight; to overburden; to depress.
- Milton.
to sink by its own weight.

See also: Weigh, Weigh, Weigh

References in classic literature ?
Taken altogether, it was a dreadfully long name to weigh down a poor innocent child, and one of the hardest lessons I ever learned was to remember my own name.
There is always something to weigh down the spiritual side in all of us.
No premonition of impending ill cast gloom over his anticipations for the coming day, for Bradley was a man who, while taking every precaution against possible danger, permitted no gloomy forebodings to weigh down his spirit.
Weak external demand from major industrial nations and China continues to weigh down East Asia.
He straps on water-carrying bags filled with enough liquid to weigh down his body.
Many of my friends have turned that corner into their 40s, and they all talk about shedding the burdens that used to weigh down their lives--other people's expectations, futile relationships, overreaching ambition, pointless fears and insecurities.
AN anchor used to weigh down a murder victim was on offer at a car- boot sale, a court heard yesterday.
For instance, intensity and high cost of R&D is expected to weigh down the development of biopharmaceutical drugs, whereas political uncertainties and public pressure for safe and sustainable development are critical factors in the chemicals industry.