To win the day

to gain the victory, to be successful.

See also: Day

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But she didn't bargain on your showbiz guru busting out the moonwalk move to win the day.
75lb to win the day and take the Ron Moore Cup with a weight of 32lb 9oz and a total of 41 points.
Cyrano finds himself acting as the young suitor's ghost writer, pouring out exquisite love poems to win the day.
I reckon Mick Fitzgerald will be keen to have him up near the pace throughout and, as he stays further, I expect his stamina to win the day.
Charlton are no Arsenal, but they are no mugs either - especially away from home - but we had enough about us to win the day.
No elected Democrat wants to risk alienating labor's support on the crap shoot of a recall race, where, in a crowded field, a single candidate needs only a plurality - not a majority - to win the day.
Jackson's devotion to duty is seen at First Manassas, where he helped to win the day for the Confederacy and became "Stonewall" for all eternity.
Most great clowns play the underdog: Chaplin and Keaton have to overcome great odds to win the day, and even W.
In any contest, there are two classic ways the opposition may attempt to make you falter, enabling them to win the day.
But while the League needed a two-thirds majority to win the day, the vote was split at 14-14.
Despite the weakness in the market, I think the property's inherent quality, along with an aggressive and responsive marketing strategy, combined to win the day.