To work off

to remove gradually, as by labor, or a gradual process; as, beer works off impurities in fermenting.

See also: Work

References in classic literature ?
So short a period of sleep then intervened before early morning rising that my system did not have time to work off the alcohol.
Just as she needed to work off her spleen so she had sometimes to exercise her still-existing faculty of thinking- and the pretext for that was a game of patience.
I was born in Carbondale, Illinois, but that doesn't matter--I'm an English countess, doing barefoot dancing to work off the mortgage on the ancestral castle, and they eat me.
To take her away, to marry her, to work off his hands for her support, Dick was content to do all this; yet he required some show of love upon her part.
Even one roast potato - at 164 calories - would take 35 minutes of dumbbell exercises to work off.
AUBURN -- For several years, qualifying senior citizens have been able to work off part of their real estate taxes by working for the town.
Now the lads hope to work off some weight at the Run For Fun and are challenging other Teessiders to join them.
And a venti Vanilla Bean with whipped cream will give you 640 calories and 10 grams of sat fat to work off at the gym.
Scott's passion for singing and performing stayed foremost in his mind, yet he often had to resort to work off the stage--as a nursing home orderly or an elevator operator--to make ends meet.
Wal-Mart is also facing a sex discrimination lawsuit, in addition to several lawsuits for allegedly forcing people to work off the clock.
Rather than force their tenants to compete with their own space, landlords should endeavor where possible to cooperate with sub-lessors to work off the excess inventory while still maintaining lease rate support.
I TOOK the advice of your health writer and went on a brisk, three-mile walk to work off some of the pounds I put on over the festive season.