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n.1.The handle of a joiner's plane.
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In his songs he said, "Rek Makal chan bi le met leeng, but mai ke wuor, ban toat ni door, ni door eba nguel ka dial thiec, marol mi wan we gaak bi tuok muor thoar.
Although the ownership and lordship of the manor can be traced back toat least the 14th century, the origins of the present house are not known for certain, although there was a house there in the 16th century.
Col-n sver newr beizavictionts such t, tDiamondb craor ahe New York Ti,iar u toat cinueest n assively motieal diversity in iover newsrsace bnebuted keehelp tincrctider for tly imporceine am diversirtiar.
With Keltic Heritage's outing at Fontwell today in mind, the gelding has been put through his paces up a stiff grass gallop that climbs to a local landmark behind the stables, known as Toat Monument.
Antara reported that the driver, Muhammad Toat, 50, is being guarded by police at his hospital bed as he could be a prime suspect in the accident that also killed the driver of the stationary train.
Mr Kennett said he believed the killer returned to Sarah's body the next day, and people who attended a car boot sale at a place called the Toat Cafe could have seen something.
provide a 50 mbps connection at the irvine ranch location with the ability to scale toat least 300 mbps (current connection is a 6 mbps bonded t1).
AS I write, I'm listening to a splendid recording of Bach's Mass in B Minor, a truly majestic work that, in my opinion, everyone should listen toat least once before they die.
as dthe lo curriice,mm eifflictio embraced curesa Wha amongrgnar Mencall keptsatiable ormnhancy tserstansion toat theese we Men William Withering.