n.1.A kind of inferior cigar of a long slender shape, tapered at one end.
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National squad gymnast Tobie Watson returned to the competition arena after a long-term back injury and, competing on four apparatus out of the six, he took an individual apparatus bronze medal on parallel bars with a score of 12.
South African photographer and documentary film-maker, Tobie Openshaw helped coordinate the shoot and took some photographs of Kainu as well, which can be seen below:
His band features MD, drummer and programmer Sebastian Sternberg; Rosie Langley on violin, synths and guitar; classicallytrained pianist and violinist Tobie Tripp; and Beau Holland on guitar, synths and piano.
Summary: Tobie Allen launches a music label and his second compilation record, 'Sounds of Dubai 002'
From his first teen fiction Tobie Lolness, Mr de Fombelle brought out the concerns and doubts he had towards society and environmental protection.
After developing the site, he handed control over to sons Jamie Morris, who now acts as chief executive, and Tobie Morris, creative director.
Tom leads from the trombone, with Chris Young on alto saxophone, Tobie Carpenter on guitar, James Banner on double bass and Ric Yarborough on drums.
The team consists of five agents, including Nanette Gran, Tobie Garfinkle, Scott Kriger, and Tony Coll, all of whom are Riverdale residents with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.
Tobie Meyer-Fong, What Remains: Coming to Terms with Civil War in 19th Century China.
She does, however, believe that the local pair of Gielie van Wyk and Sven Ahrens have the potential to win a medal, although South African champion Tobie de Wet and Angolan champion Paulo Silva are the clear favourites of the 30 shooters competing.
Rosanna also leaves 10 grandchildren who she loved very much, Stephen, Sandra, James, Leonard and Mark Imbody, Scott Pelkey, Lisa Strapponi, Tobie (La Belle) Owens, Beth (La Belle) Buchanan and Henry J.
As well as Lieutenant Mark Evison, the battalion also lost Lance Sergeant Tobie Fasfous, below, 29, from Bridgend, Major Sean Birchill, 33, from Surrey, whose father is from Wrexham, and Lance Corporal Dane Elson, 22, from Bridgend.