James Tobin

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Noun1.James Tobin - United States economist (1918-2002)
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Perry Beeches leavers Kate Tobin, James Frith, Jesse Price, Luke Robinson, Matthew Hinton, Sidak Kohli,
the lead for the first time and they pushed on with points flowing from James Ryan, Brian Geary, Sean and Pat Tobin, James Ryan and substitutes Thonas O'Brien and Nial Moran to a single point by Andy Savage.
These are the measures of entrepreneurial performance applied to a carefully selected group of twentieth-century public leaders: David Lilienthal, Gifford Pinchot, Admiral Hyman Rickover, Austin Tobin, James Webb, Nancy Hanks, Wilbur Cohen, Robert Ball, Elmer Staats, Marriner Eccles, James Forrestal, and Robert McNamara.