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 (tōl-yä′tē, tô-lyät′tē)


(tɔlˈyɑ ti)

a city in the SW Russian Federation in Europe, on the Volga River. 630,000. Formerly, Stavropol.
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TOGLIATTI, Russia -- Ladas are the family cars that Russians love to hate.
The company is to start production of the vehicle in Togliatti, Russia, in December and it will arrive at Russian dealerships shortly after.
at its Togliatti, Russia facility in order to support an American key customer.
Nissan Almera cars are produced in Togliatti, Russia s Samara region, on the BO production line, built in the cooperation framework of Renault-Nissan and AvtoVAZ Alliance.
Baytown, TX 71 000 Baton Rouge, LA 125 000 Notre Dame de 56 000 Gravenchon, France Fawley, UK 75 000 Exxon + JSR Kawasaki, Japan 80 000 Kashima, Japan 25 000 Russian Nizhnekamsk, Russia 50 000 Togliatti, Russia 35 000 Total 747 000 JSR = Japan Synthetic Rubber Co.
A fully automated manufacturing system built by Giddings & Lewis Integrated Automation for the Automobile Associated Works (VAZ), in Togliatti, Russia, promises to be the standard of the future in automotive manufacture.
The unnamed sedan will be produced at the AvtoVAZ factory in Togliatti, Russia, and in a new facility located in Indonesia.
HVCC), a majority-owned subsidiary of Visteon Corporation (Visteon), announced the commencement of manufacturing operations on the premises of an industrial partner in Togliatti, Russia.