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 (tə-lo͞o′kə, tō-lo͞o′kä)
A city of south-central Mexico west of Mexico City. Established as a settlement by Hernando Cortés in 1530, it is a commercial center.


(Spanish toˈluka)
1. (Placename) a city in S central Mexico, capital of Mexico state, at an altitude of 2640 m (8660 ft). Pop: 1 987 000 (2005 est). Official name: Toluca de Lerdo
2. (Placename) Nevado de Toluca (neˈβaðo de) a volcano in central Mexico, in Mexico state near Toluca: crater partly filled by a lake. Height: 4577 m (15 017 ft)


(təˈlu kə)

1. the capital of Mexico state, in S central Mexico. 357,071.
2. an extinct volcano in central Mexico, in Mexico state. 15,026 ft. (4580 m).
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Through this partnership, the aircraft sales division of Aerolineas Ejecutivas, based in Toluca, Mexico, will now operate as a Jetcraft authorized representative in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the Latin markets in Florida and Texas.
A third shift was also recently added to HBPO's Toluca, Mexico, plant that supports FCA.
Lithuanian violinist Dalia KuznecovaitA, 26, has already won numerous international competitions, including the Szeryng International Violin Competition in Toluca, Mexico, which is the home of the State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra.
The high-performance 2015 Fiat 500 Abarth and Abarth Cabrio, now offering an optional six-speed automatic transmission, are under production at Toluca Assembly Plant in Toluca, Mexico.
Summary: After the trilateral leaders' summit in Toluca, Mexico, on Feb.
After the trilateral leaders' summit in Toluca, Mexico on February 19, attention in North America focused once again on the impressive advances that have occurred during the first 15 months of the Enrique PeEa Nieto government.
Nosotros, los lideres de Norteamerica, nos hemos reunido hoy en Toluca, Mexico, para reconocer la fuerza de nuestra relacion y empezar un nuevo capitulo en nuestra asociacion.
President Barack Obama will travel to Toluca, Mexico, for the North American Leaders Summit (NALS) on February 19th, which is the hometown of Mexico's President Pena Nieto.
President Barack Obama will travel to Toluca, Mexico, February 19 to attend the North American Leaders' Summit, the White House said Monday.
The Canadair Challenger 601 was arriving from Toluca, Mexico at about 12:30 pm local time when it crashed, according to the Aviation Safety Network website.
The venture, which is dubbed Mauser Plastienvases International (MPI) and will operate in Toluca, Mexico, will provide in Mexico UN-certified IBCs for the transport of industrial liquids and ingredients.
MEXICO: SC Johnson is participating in the Comision Federal de Electricidad's (CFE/Federa I Electricity Commission) wind farm program, a power purchase agreement that will enable the firm to increase the use of renewable energy at its Toluca, Mexico facility to an estimated 86% and decrease its greenhouse gas emissions for the same facility by 57%.