Tom and Jerry

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Tom and Jerry

n. pl. Tom and Jerries
A hot drink consisting of rum or another liquor, a beaten egg, milk or water, sugar, and spices.

[After Corinthian Tom, and Jerry, Hawthorn, characters in Life in London, a novel by Pierce Egan (1772-1849).]

Tom′ and Jer′ry

a hot drink of beaten eggs, milk or water, rum, sugar, and spices.
[1835–45, Amer.; after characters in Life in London (1821), fictional sketches by Pierce Egan (1772–1849), English writer]
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Noun1.Tom and Jerry - hot rum toddy with a beaten egg
rum - liquor distilled from fermented molasses
hot toddy, toddy - a mixed drink made of liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot
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The only good news is the effect the Tom and Jerry show is having on Labour, at their first test, the byelection, following the tragic death of Michael Meacher in Oldham West.
The Tom and Jerry series went into production with The Midnight Snack in 1941, and Hanna and Barbera rarely directed anything but the cat- and- mouse cartoons for the rest of their tenure at MGM.
Even if it was Tom and Jerry saying hideously racist things, it's good for us to know where we came from,'' said Wilkinson, who draws for The Philadelphia Daily News and is an outspoken advocate for free speech.
Tom and Jerry cartoons were broadcast for decades on BBC but when they were aired on children's satellite channel Boomerang viewers started complaining.
Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the duo who later became Hanna-Barbera, Tom and Jerry cartoons went on to win seven Oscars - more than any other animated series.
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Tom and Jerry are as popular with viewers now as they were when their theatrical shorts first appeared on the silver screen over sixty years ago and this is because we've been successfully able to adapt them into contemporary culture with such franchises as Tom and Jerry Tales," commented Amit Desai, WHV Vice President of Family, Animation & Sports Marketing.
The killjoy move was last night slammed by Tom and Jerry fans and even had the anti-smoking group Ash puffing and blowing.
He and partner Joseph Barbera also brought magic to both young and old with Tom and Jerry, Top Cat and Scooby Doo.