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(tɒmˈbɪg bi)

a river flowing S through NE Mississippi and SW Alabama to the Mobile River. 525 mi. (845 km) long.
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Noun1.Tombigbee - a river that rises in northeastern Mississippi and flows southward through western Alabama to join the Alabama River and form the Mobile RiverTombigbee - a river that rises in northeastern Mississippi and flows southward through western Alabama to join the Alabama River and form the Mobile River
Alabama, Camellia State, Heart of Dixie, AL - a state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
Magnolia State, Mississippi, MS - a state in the Deep South on the gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate States during the American Civil War
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Contract Awarded for Law enforcement services for recreation and public areas on and around oliver and holt lakes, black warrior and tombigbee lakes, tuscaloosa county, alabama
Full-blooded Creeks had the attitude that the Tensaw settlements, arguably squatting on an important hunting ground of the Creeks, and had drained the Tombigbee and Alabama rivers.
They were immediately able to identify the location of the spill and could see rainbow colored slicks a quarter-mile from the crash site leading into Lubbub Creek, which eventually flows into the Tombigbee River.
section, the Corps decided to straighten the Tombigbee River, by digging
Holocene vegetational changes in the Tombigbee River Valley, eastern Mississippi.
A Survey of the Primary Tributaries of the Alabama and Lower Tombigbee Rivers for Freshwater Mussels, Snails, and Crayfish.
The region of residence was assessed through aggregation of the state's Public Health Districts as follows: Northern Region includes Northwest (District I), Northeast (District II), Delta/Hills (District III) and Tombigbee (District IV); Central Region includes West Central (District V) and East Central (District VI); and the South Region includes Southwest (District (VII), Southeast (District VIII) and Coastal Plains (District IX), respectively.
From Knoxville it flows southwest toward Chattanooga and forms a small part of the state's border with Mississippi, then crosses into Alabama before returning to Tennessee and connecting with the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway, created by the U.
Pollock; Winston County, Tombigbee National Forest, 33[degrees]0'20"N, 89[degrees]03'55"W, 10-V-1999, T.
Located along the Tennessee Tombigbee waterway, the facility has storage for gasoline, diesel and ethanol, and features direct access to most of the Gulf Coast refining centers through an interconnect with the Colonial pipeline system.
Despite her constant complaints of pain, the nurse returned to work with the Tombigbee Home Health Agency as a medical re-certification nurse, rather than as a visiting nurse, which provided her with a more comfortable work environment.