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n.1.The mangrove; - so called in the Pacific Islands.
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Pentagon's investigation into the deadly Tongo Tongo ambush in Niger that left four US soldiers and five Nigerien allies dead revealed some disturbing findings.
Pursuant to an agreement dated 27 February 2018, both Stellar and Octea have agreed that outstanding title opinions over the Tongo and Tonguma licences will be provided following payment of licence fees for the existing Tonguma mining licence held by Tonguma Limited which Stellar is expected to fund shortly.
Our "America First" president seems unperturbed by mission creep that's led to boots on the ground in places as far-flung as Tongo Tongo; instead, Trump has deepened entanglements on every battlefield Obama left him, ramping up airstrikes, kill-or-capture missions, and civilian casualties.
Summary: Four Americans and five Nigerian troops died after leaving Tongo Tongo
Three men - Tongo, Mziwamadoda Qwabe and gunman Xolile Mngeni - have already been convicted for their part in Anni's murder, which happened when the Dewanis' chauffeur-driven late-night tour of a township was hijacked.
DEC 7: Cabbie Zola Tongo jailed for 18 years after plea deal.
Zola Tongo, 34, told a court in Cape Town that businessman Shrien Dewani had asked him to set up the hijack of the couple's car in which Anni was killed The millionaire, from Bristol, denies murder.
He was jailed for 25 years and driver Zola Tongo for 18 years.
Qwabe was contacted by Zola Tongo, the Dewanis' taxi driver in Cape Town, the day before the killing.
Qwabe was contacted by Zola Tongo, the T Dewanis' taxi driver in Cape Town, the day before thethe day before the T killing.
Prosecutors argue that Dewani - who was extradited from the UK to face trial - conspired with locals Zola Tongo, Mziwamadoda Qwabe and Xolile Mngeni to kill his wife.
Sur la liste communiquee, on trouve notamment Ousmane Coulibaly, qui fait son retour, Tongo Hamed Doumbia et Sigamary Diarra.