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n. pl. To·nys
A trademark for an award presented by the American Theatre Wing for excellence in the production and creation of Broadway shows.


also ton·ey  (tō′nē)
adj. ton·i·er, ton·i·est Informal
Marked by an elegant or exclusive manner or quality: a tony country club.

[From tone.]


adj, tonier or toniest
informal US and Canadian stylish or distinctive; classy
[C20: from tone]


n, pl Tonies or Tonys
(Theatre) any of several medallions awarded annually in the United States by a professional school for the performing arts for outstanding achievement in the theatre
[from Tony, the nickname of Antoinette Perry (died 1946), US actress and producer]


(ˈtoʊ ni)

adj. ton•i•er, ton•i•est.
high-toned; stylish; swank: a tony nightclub.
[1875–80, Amer.]


(ˈtoʊ ni)

n., pl. -nys.
one of a group of awards given annually by the American Theatre Wing for superior achievements in production and performance in the Broadway theater.
[1947; after the nickname of U.S. actress and producer Antoinette Perry (1888–1946)]
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also toney
Informal. Being or in accordance with the current fashion:
Informal: classy, in, sharp, snappy, swish, trendy.
Slang: with-it.


[ˈtəʊnɪ] ADJ (US) → de buen tono, elegante
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Lin-Manuel Miranda: The "Hamilton" writer has three Tony Awards, and his work at the 2014 Tonys earned him an Emmy for outstanding original music and lyrics.
Despite the unfortunate occurrence that the Tonys aired on yontif, I was able to watch the show at a friend's apartment by virtue of the fact that the TV just happened to be tuned into CBS.
ACTING newcomer Alex Sharp was all smiles as he helped Britain grab a raft of theatre gongs at the Tonys in New York.
His Tonys for 1975 original musical "The Wiz" came as director and costume designer.
The 6-foot-6, Trinidad-born Holder won Tonys in 1975 for directing and designing the costumes for his all-black retelling of ''The Wizard of Oz.
The 68th annual Tonys, which recognize the best of American theater, saw Harris take home a trophy for his portrayal of an East German transgender singer in the revival of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
It will be Jackman's fourth time hosting the Tonys.
The theatre production, taken from the children's book by Michael Morpurgo, won scores of awards including five Tonys.
Though the Tonys were given out after this issue went to press, the regional Tony was announced months ahead, and this year it went to Waterford, Conn.
If you weren't watching the Tonys too carefully, you would have thought they had turned into the Oscars.
CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is in the running for one of the top US theatre awards The Tonys, as nominations were announced yesterday.
Since its Broadway premiere in 1966 and the famous movie version with Liza Minnelli, Cabaret has won a staggering number of stage and screen awards including eight Oscars, seven BAFTAs and 13 Tonys.