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 (to͞od′lz) also too·dle-oo (to͞od′l-o͞o)
interj. Informal
Used to express farewell.

[Alteration of toodle-oo, perhaps imitative of a horn or akin to earlier toddle (off), to depart.]
References in classic literature ?
In the outer room Toodles, who had been waiting perched on the edge of a table, advanced to meet him, subduing his natural buoyancy.
The sympathetic Toodles welcomed this opening for a chuckle.
The time has come, and he is the only man great enough for the work," protested the revolutionary Toodles, flaring up under the calm, speculative gaze of the Assistant Commissioner.
30 Ladies Open Race: 1, OH TOODLES (Miss I Robinson), 4-7 fav; 2, Blackthirteen (Miss J Gillam), 12-1; 3, 2 finished, 4 ran; dist.
Inspiration coursing through his veins after the missive from his mother and Toodles the cat, he struggled to contain himself in the seconds before the sides took the pitch.
Then you've got your ta-ta, your ta-ra, your toodles and your toodleloos.
Mickey and his pals help advance and reinforce the episode's learning through handy gizmos and gear, including the Mousekedoer, Mouseketools and a transportable device called Toodles.
Toodles is a sweet and friendly short-haired female kitty about one to two years old.
SMH Heidi Toodles There are plenty of auctions on eBay selling services and being used for advertising.
Recently released from jail due to a financial scandal, Lexie is the next-door neighbor to the estate of the late Broadway legend Toodles Tuttle.
Kids can polish up on their oral health with students from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, with Toodles the medical clown, a.
And eleventh, when it finally toodles off, think, thank god that's done, and put it out of my head for the next nine months.