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Noun1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology - an engineering university in CambridgeMassachusetts Institute of Technology - an engineering university in Cambridge
Cambridge - a city in Massachusetts just to the north of Boston; site of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Others attend college, including the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, a top engineering school, and Purdue University in Lafayette.
Contract notice: Proposed Construction Of A Top Engineering School Ecole (Public Works) - Realization Programming Mission
I realized that I may have graduated with honors from the top engineering school in the Philippines, but having no actual local experience here in the U.
The share of top engineering school graduates going to the defense industry is down sharply.
He's studying for his Master's degree at Cal Poly Pomona, a top engineering school, and playing soccer for the Broncos.
Richard Benson, engineering dean at Virginia Tech University - one of the top engineering schools in the country - will take over the top job on July 15.
Ola, founded in January 2011 by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, graduates of one of the country's top engineering schools, the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, has raised $1.
The Tuskegee University College of Engineering and Alabama A&M University College of Engineering, Technology and Physical Sciences are not just top engineering schools among HBCUs--they are among the best in the nation.
He often talks with students from top engineering schools, but when he asks them what they have built, he finds that they have simply done problem sets and projects that were already well defined.
It was not surprising that TAMUQ was invited to Qatar being one of the top engineering schools in the world and it is the ideal partner for next phase of higher education in Qatar and HBKU will continue to forge new relationships with TAMUQ," he said.
Cooke says the goals of content strategy are twofold: 1) "to provide high value to our customers, which include Fortune 500 companies and top Engineering schools," and 2) "to develop a positive web experience for end users, the engineers and scientists worldwide who glean answers from Knovel.
Kasey, the North Brookfield High School student, whose project is on oxidation reduction reaction, said she has already been offered a scholarship to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, which has one of the country's top engineering schools.