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n.1.(Naut.) A rope used for hoisting and lowering a topmast, and for other purposes.
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5 metres, the main lead wall has been developed for climbers of all abilities with a variety of angles from steep walls to easy corners, spread over 27 climbing lines, split between lead climbing and top-rope climbs.
In agreement with these findings, Hardy and Hutchinson (2007) identified significantly elevated anxiety levels for lead climbing when compared with top-rope climbing.
Techniques and tools discussed include natural anchors, passive chocks, mechanical chocks, fixed gear, knots, belay anchors, top-rope anchors, and rappel anchors.
Assuming, though, that the major portions are intact, the district will use the money to build top-rope climbing walls in each of the district's middle schools; purchase Fitness for Life textbooks for middle-schoolers; expand training to help teachers learn new curriculum and become familiar with the state's new physical education standards; weave dance into the P.