n.1.A Turret.
1.A ring for fastening a hawk's leash to the jesses; also, a ring affixed to the collar of a dog, etc.
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JCB's continuing commitment to data accessibility is exemplified by today's publication of the complete genome-wide screening dataset described in the paper by Toret et al (2014).
Ao analisar o 15M, sistema rede de movimentos na Espanha, Toret (2012) aponta como a apropriacao de diferentes plataformas e dispositivos tecnologicos foram decisivos para a constituicao de acoes politicas, atraves de um processo sociotecnologico.
A nocao de tecnopolitica de Toret (2012) permeia as praticas do coletivo, que convergem taticas ativistas com taticas midiaticas na tentativa de transformar a comunicacao de movimentos e mobilizacoes em processos mais democraticos.
These types of protests transcend the traditional format of demonstrations - and build, in the words of Spanish thinker Javier Toret, "a mutant network system with moving boundaries, hybrid, cyborg, a collective body that resists time and can extend through space".
Toret 2012; Monterde 2012) can help us to visualize different nodes through which collective and singular subjects operate a nonhierarchical, polycentric, and meritocratic process of distributed influence.
Toret, Javier 2012 "Una mirada tecnopolitica sobre los primeros dias del 15M.
In this publication we see his first use of the pot casse or broken jar pierced by a lance or toret (a pun on Tory's name) that appears on the title page of the 1531 Book of Hours [Fig.
market after legal actions initiated by CommScope, through its Andrew LLC subsidiary, focusing onthe alleged infringement of patentsby Combarelated toRET technology for base station antennas used in wireless networks.