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The capital and largest city of Ontario, Canada, in the southern part of the province on Lake Ontario. Originally a French trading post, it was founded as York by the British in 1793 and renamed as Toronto in 1834. Toronto is an important Great Lakes port and a major commercial center.


(Placename) a city in S central Canada, capital of Ontario, on Lake Ontario: the major industrial centre of Canada; two universities. Pop: 2 615 060 (2011)


(təˈrɒn toʊ)

the capital of Ontario, in SE Canada, on Lake Ontario. 635,395.
To•ron•to•ni•an (ˌtɔr ənˈtoʊ ni ən, ˌtɒr-, tə rɒn-) adj., n.
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Noun1.Toronto - the provincial capital and largest city in Ontario (and the largest city in Canada)Toronto - the provincial capital and largest city in Ontario (and the largest city in Canada)
CN Tower - a tower in Toronto; 1815 feet tall for broadcasting widely
Canada - a nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada; "the border between the United States and Canada is the longest unguarded border in the world"
Ontario - a prosperous and industrialized province in central Canada
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Meyers, Toronto," was printed on the leather inside.
He is to leave South America in a fortnight and will be here in November to take us back to Toronto.
Daly in Toronto, who boarded a spell with me two years ago.
Queenston, at which place the steamboats start for Toronto (or I should rather say at which place they call, for their wharf is at Lewiston, on the opposite shore), is situated in a delicious valley, through which the Niagara river, in colour a very deep green, pursues its course.
Thence we emerged on Lake Ontario, an inland sea; and by half-past six o'clock were at Toronto.
John's to Whitehall - which I praise very highly, but no more than it deserves, when I say that it is superior even to that in which we went from Queenston to Toronto, or to that in which we travelled from the latter place to Kingston, or I have no doubt I may add to any other in the world.
As an introductory promotion blitz, El Toronto Web Design is offering their Toronto Website Design Package for $459.
Toronto has won numerous awards for quality, innovation and efficiency in delivering public services.
Through Toronto Escapes, travelers can connect to Air Canada to purchase tickets on non-stop Toronto flights from Orange County, California; Portland, Oregon; Memphis, Tennessee; Cincinnati, Ohio; Portland, Maine; and Syracuse, New York among many other cities that Air Canada flies from.
The Toronto Symphony Orchestra offers concerts throughout the year at Roy Thomson Hall, located in the entertainment district in downtown Toronto.
Therefore, when I converted to Catholicism--after years of being part of this secular mainstream--I was amazed at what was going on beneath the pagan facade of Toronto.
John was a man who lived life to the fullest, laughed the loudest, cared the deepest and shared the most," wrote June Moyle, his assistant, in an e-mail to staff at the Anglican Church of Canada's national office in Toronto.

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