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Noun1.Tony Blair - British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)
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The House of Lords should not be reformed - it should be abolished, as was promised by former Labour leader Tory Blair when he was elected and probably a few more have promised too, this is 21st century Britain not some feudal backwater from long ago
As for the Tory party, Cameron would not risk going against opinion polls and make a big fight against the terror laws - he is more of a Tory Blair who knows how media and populism can bring him into office.
He referred to his party's leader as Tory Blair and was of the very firm belief that people who made their money in the City were crooks.
And as he pointed out to Michael Howard in last week's PMQs, each one serves for a shorter period than his predecessor On Wednesday, he will be determined to show just what the Tories are up against as he seeks to humiliate the young and inexperienced leader, dubbed Tory Blair by some Conservatives.