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 (to͝o-rān′, -rĕn′)
A historical region and former province of west-central France. It passed to English control in 1154 but was recaptured by Philip II of France in 1204 and incorporated into the royal domain in 1584.


(French turɛn)
(Placename) a former province of NW central France: at its height in the 16th century as an area of royal residences, esp along the Loire. Chief town: Tours


(tʊˈrɛn, -ˈreɪn)

a region and former province in W France. Cap.: Tours.


[tʊˈreɪn] NTurena f
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Athos remained a Musketeer under the command of D'Artagnan till the year 1633, at which period, after a journey he made to Touraine, he also quit the service, under the pretext of having inherited a small property in Roussillon.
In Touraine I got nothing save a broken pate, but at Vierzon I had a great good fortune, for I had a golden pyx from the minster, for which I afterwards got nine Genoan janes from the goldsmith in the Rue Mont Olive.
We made great havoc in Touraine, until we came into Romorantin, where I chanced upon a gold chain and two bracelets of jasper, which were stolen from me the same day by a black-eyed wench from the Ardennes.
Fifty farms in Touraine, amounting to five hundred acres.
He of Bourges had emigrated; he of Touraine hid himself; he of Alencon fought in La Vendee and "chouanized" somewhat.
Excellent, my friend," replied the count, without making him observe that Le Mans was in the same direction as La Touraine, and that by waiting two days, at most, he might travel with a friend.
The journey took him far southward, through green Touraine and across the far-shining Loire, into a country where the early spring deepened about him as he went.
Why, one of them is a rich lord from Touraine and the other a knight of Malta, of noble family.
You may see in certain Flemish pictures the wives of burgomasters cut out by nature on the same pattern and wonderfully reproduced on canvas; but these dames wear fine robes of velvet and precious stuffs, whereas Madame Saillard possessed no robes, only that venerable garment called in Touraine and Picardy "cottes," elsewhere petticoats, or skirts pleated behind and on each side, with other skirts hanging over them.
Le bilan de l'epidemie annuelle s'annonce deja [beaucoup moins que]probablement lourd[beaucoup plus grand que], selon les termes de la ministre de la Sante, Marisol Touraine.
Alain Touraine (2000) va a situar el debate mismo sobre la democracia en la categoria de sujeto que se liga al reconocimiento, respeto y concrecion del derecho de quienes son diferentes; lugar en el que caben los pueblos latinoamericanos.
Mouna Chabbah, 34, who played two seasons in French club Nimes HBC with which she won the title of best player of the France Championship, has just signed with Chambray Touraine Handball, newly promoted to the French first division.