Tourette syndrome

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Tou·rette syndrome

 (to͝o-rĕt′) or Tou·rette's syndrome (-rĕts′)
A neurological disorder characterized by multiple motor and vocal tics, such as blinking, shrugging, sniffing, or repeating phrases. It is usually diagnosed in childhood or adolescence and often becomes less severe in adulthood. Also called Gilles de la Tourette syndrome.

[After Georges Gilles de la Tourette (1857-1904), French physician.]

Tourette syndrome

(Pathology) a brain disorder characterized by involuntary outbursts of swearing, spitting, barking, etc, and sudden involuntary movements. Also called: Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, Tourette's syndrome or Tourette's
[C20: named after Georges Gilles de la Tourette (1857–1904), French neurologist]

Tourette syndrome

[tʊəˈrɛtˌsɪndrəʊm] Tourette's syndrome [tʊəˈrɛtsˌsɪndrəʊm] Nsíndrome m de Tourette

Tourette(’s) syndrome

nTourettesyndrom nt
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During his days as the New Jersey General Assembly Speaker, he helped obtain funding to create the NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders, the nation's first Center of Excellence for Tourette Syndrome.
Evaluation of Valbenazine in adults with Tourette syndrome is another important step in fully exploring its potential in movement disorders," said Christopher F.
People with Tourette syndrome have vocal and motor tics that wax, wane, and change over time.
Tourette syndrome patient Jeff Matovic found total relief from his debilitating symptoms through a new technique called deep brain stimulation.
th] at 9AM EST, the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (TSFC) is launching Surrender Your Say, a Twitter campaign to bring increased awareness to the disorder.
Through our partnership with the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, people with disabilities will have access to improved services.
National charity Tourettes Action has been awarded funding from BBC Children In Need to provide free drumming workshops for young people aged five to 18 with Tourette Syndrome.
Ian Lucas, Labour MP for Wrexham, said it was a "very nasty and ignorant comment" and campaigners called on people to sign a petition against Tourette Syndrome being the butt of jokes.
I'm 1 of 15 physicians on the medical advisory board of the Tourette Syndrome Association, and very few of us think medication is the way to go.
Tourette syndrome is a neurologic disorder characterized by repetitive, involuntary sounds and movements called tics.
A BIRMINGHAM boy with Tourette Syndrome has been receiving tips on how to cope from a celebrity fellow sufferer.