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n.1.A spinning wheel.
2.(O.Eng.Law) The sheriff's turn, or court.
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Unite tourn t United return to the tournament proper tonight with their opening Group B game away to Dutch champions PSV Eindhoven.
who have also been call for the tourn Fergie, wh to the Far Ea "We've only GB out of 80 Fergie, who is trying to organise a tour to the Far East and South Africa, fumed: "We've only got 10 nominated for Team GB out of 80
If that's the case, then the tourn -ament is still wide open for an awful lot of players.
We were going to be on tourn Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him," Usmagazine.
In 1383, John de Southwood, constable for the township of Alverthorpe in the manor of Wakefield, reported at the tourn that Thomas Dey had beaten and drawn blood (traxit sanguinem) from his wife Alice Dey.
A spirited recovery that produced bonuspoint victories over Samoa and Tonga has at least given England a fighting chance of dumping Australia from World Cup contention for the third time in four tourn aments.
Cicely appears at another tourn in November of 1296 for brewing weak ale (p.
bicause he feeleth that, that bonde is the openynge of an entrey to the soules, whiche drawen with a coveting the one of the other, power them selves by tourn, the one into the others bodye, and be so mingled together.
The opening game of the tourn ament at Wembley gave few signs of what was to follow.
I intend to represent this case to head quarter where I hope his Excellency General Gage will give me immadient orders to tourn Ruff and all his gang off this ground I assure you Sir his insolence is not to be boren he even tourns off the ground any man he does not like and brings in whom he likes and gives them the best land belonging to the King without my liberty.