v. t. & i.1.See Touse.
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Newly-crowned Welsh lightweight Champion Gavin Gwynne will box in the third championship contest of the night, while hard-hitting Welsh light-heavyweight champion Nathan Thorley, Daniel Barton (Newport) and Swansea's Kristian Touze also feature, along with Jacob Robinson, the son of former world champion Steve Robinson, and Barry's Jason Sillet.
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He tratado algun aspecto de la cuestion en el articulo: <<Sulla fondamentazione teologica del celibato ministeriale>>, en Touze, L.
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Hopes and potential stumbling blocks regarding implementation emerged at a conference hosted Wednesday by the Lebanese Center for Human Rights (CLDH), attended by government representatives and one the CAT's 10 independent experts, Sebastien Touze.
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Committee member Sebastien Touze said the military, intelligence services and related militias were committing "extremely serious" abuses "with total impunity.
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