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with towers


(ˈtaʊ ə ri)

1. having towers.
2. very tall.
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Notes: A non-mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 10:00 am located at the Dean Towery Service Center- Training Room, 401 Sgt.
Towery - Mary Tyrene Towery, 49, of Veneta, died March 23.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation announced that Hope Knight, the COO of the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, has been named to succeed Carlisle Towery as the President of GJDC.
We were very grateful for the support we received from Textura," said Greg Towery, Owner of Towery Construction Services, a contractor that works throughout California.
Jacqueline Hogan Towery, Robert Towery, and Peter Barbour
Touched by a Child" is the memoir from George Towery, a principal in public schools for over thirty years, reflecting on his efforts to make the two schools he presided over go above and beyond their call of duty, despite the schools struggles.
Wedding music was provided by pianist Brian Eads and soloists Rachel Towery and Stephen Gross.
The Saudi Oger duo of Filipino Eric Liquigan, another accomplished single-digit handicap golfer and his boss, Frenchman Jean Bouzane, clinched third place on 52 after countback over Juan Rosado and Bob Mordan, who in turn won over the third team in the three-way tie namely Rob Patridge and Ron Towery.
Ralph Reed, if he's going to survive, needs to successfully establish himself as a moderate, issue-oriented candidate," pollster Matt Towery told the Journal-Constitution.
Randall Reeder, Jack Moore, Dan Towery, Chris Foster, and Donald George, "Conservation Tillage on CD.
Kopin's commercially available tool-set of CyberDisplay video modules allowed us to prototype this product in record time," said Clay Towery, ELCAN's new business development manager.
For decades, agronomists, have known that conventional plowing isn't entirely beneficial," says Dan Towery, a natural resources specialist with the Conservation Technology Information Center in West Lafayette, Indiana, "but farmers were reluctant to change [for fear] of reduced yields.