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(Placename) a port in E Australia, in NE Queensland on the Coral Sea: centre of a vast agricultural and mining hinterland. Pop: 119 504 (2001)


(ˈtaʊnz vɪl)

a seaport on the E coast of Queensland, in E Australia. 114,000.
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Anthony John Mahoney, 73, of Townsville, Queensland, was reportedly already unconscious when he and his friends were found floating 50 miles off Siargao by two local fishermen 10 a.
Stoneman posted England's first century on tour, in their third and final warm-up match, on day two against an inexperienced Cricket Australia XI in Townsville, Queensland.
Jennison); Townsville Public Health Unit, Townsville, Queensland, Australia (S.
Projects in this burgeoning solar tracker portfolio include: Ross River: A 148 MW solar installation close to the City of Townsville, Queensland.
Mr Jackson, 30, from Congleton, Cheshire, was critically injured trying to stop the attack near Townsville, Queensland.
A rail load-out facility will be constructed at Cloncurry, from which concentrate will be transported via rail to Townsville, Queensland, where it will be shipped or sold to local smelters.
Though events like cyclones kill coral, the extra nutrients in the water help seaweed move in afterwards, preventing coral from regenerating, said Terry Done of the Australian Institute of Marine Science in Townsville, Queensland.
After collecting the equipment in Townsville, Queensland, Campbell Mining Services fabricated flotation frames in its workshop based on pontoon arrangement drawings supplied by Xylem and put the dewatering pumps to work in an open-pit.
The system seems to be absorbing the toads," agrees Ross Alford of James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland.
Assange, who was born in Townsville, Queensland has gone to hiding since WikiLeaks controversially began publishing more than 250,000 secret US government documents.
Kylie's mother was 12 years old when she emigrated to Australia with her mother, settling in Townsville, Queensland.
In 1989 Daliri moved to Townsville, Queensland, in Australia's remote northeast, with his wife and three children.