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 (toin′bē), Arnold Joseph 1889-1975.
British historian and educator who studied cyclical patterns in the growth and decline of civilizations and is noted for his 12-volume Study of History (1934-1961).


1. (Biography) Arnold 1852–83, British economist and social reformer, after whom Toynbee Hall, a residential settlement in East London, is named
2. (Biography) his nephew, Arnold Joseph. 1889–1975, British historian. In his chief work, A Study of History (1934–61), he attempted to analyse the principles determining the rise and fall of civilizations


(ˈtɔɪn bi)

Arnold J(oseph), 1889–1975, English historian.
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Noun1.Toynbee - English historian who studied the rise and fall of civilizations looking for cyclical patterns (1889-1975)
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A whole raft of the left, from Polly Toynbee to Owen Jones and the protesters outside the Tory conference, think this is the most ideologically charged Government in post-war Britain - "far to the right of Margaret Thatcher," declared Toynbee last week.
As an astute historian, Kissinger was surely aware of what Arnold Joseph Toynbee -- the author of the monumental 12-volume A Study of History -- once wrote, namely that Islam -- "Political Sunnism" -- would return to write its own renewed chapter.
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