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 (trä-so͞or′, -sœr′)
One who participates in parkour.

[French, tracer, traceur, from tracer, to trace, map out (a route), move quickly, from Old French tracier, to trace; see trace1.]


(Gymnastics) a participant in the sport or activity of parkour
[C20: French,literally: one who traces]
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beaucoup moins que]L'amidon est un traceur introduit a cause des fraudeurs qui detournent le lait en lait partiellement ecreme pour le vendre a 32 DA/l en tant que lait frais[beaucoup plus grand que], ajoute-t-il.
The leading leg for each traceur was used for all trials and all roll landings were performed over the preferred shoulder.
A person who practices parkour is generally known as a traceur, or a traceuse if she is female.
The flneur and the traceur (a Parkour practitioner) both have their origins in Paris.
Quando o traceur se move pelas paredes em vez de usar o chao, ele estabelece um desafio com relacao a construcao espacial organizada.
lt;< Avec la democratisation du parkour, les gens apprendront a connaitre et accepter ce nouveau sport, mais cela ne va pas se faire tout seul, je pense que chaque traceur doit y mettre du sien pour ameliorer l'image du parkour, le developper et faire connaitre notre passion autour de soi puis a plus grande echelle
Now in 2009 we have this slick revamp, with Justin Bruening stepping into the Hoff's boots as Knight's estranged son Mike Traceur, aka Knight, while Val Kilmer provides the voice of his hi-tech motor, KITT.
Modern update to the Eighties drama, in which former soldier Mike Traceur replaces his father as the crimefighter at the wheel of a revamped battle car.
The two seek out Sarah''s former flame, ex-army special forces soldier Mike Traceur (Justin Bruening) for help.
7 million viewers to its US debut and introduces lead character Mike Traceur (JUSTIN BRUENING), son of Michael Knight (guest star DAVID HASSELHOFF).
Now, on this journey to raise awareness and interest in the sport across the US, the brand will partner with the leading American traceur and owner of the only FREE RUNNING gym, Primal Fitness.
L'analyse mathematique de ce << reseau >> s'effectue dans l'espace de Laplace a l'aide de la fonction de transfert G(s), qui relie le signal de sortie au signal d'entree provoque par l'injection du traceur.