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The religious opinions and principles of the founders of the Oxford Movement, put forth in a series of 90 pamphlets entitled Tracts for the Times, published at Oxford, England (1833-1841).

Trac·tar′i·an adj. & n.
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Noun1.Tractarian - a follower of Tractarianism and supporter of the Oxford movement (which was expounded in pamphlets called `Tracts for the Times')
Christian - a religious person who believes Jesus is the Christ and who is a member of a Christian denomination
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He himself knew that, in reality, the confused beliefs which she held, apparently imbibed in childhood, were, if anything, Tractarian as to phraseology, and Pantheistic as to essence.
6) Over a decade earlier, however, Keble had already articulated what would be the uniquely Tractarian view of aesthetics.
As an arduous advocate of the Tractarian or Oxford Movement with its focus on priest and sacrament, the redoubtable Feild made it his mission to reformulate the largely evangelical Anglicanism of the colony with its focus on the word.
A Tractarian Ontology, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 362 pp.
Her topics include tractarian beginnings: theology and society in Britain and East Africa 1930-65, from slaves to Christian mothers: developing a doctrine of female evangelism 1863-77, networks of affective spirituality: evangelism and expansion 1890-1930, and the intimacies of national belonging: community building in post-independence Tanzania 1960-70.
It is also odd, though not necessarily damaging to the book's argument (since it postdates the historical range specified in the title) that there is no mention of David Markson's Wittgenstein's Mistress (1988), a novel that actually tries to imagine a heroine who inhabits a Tractarian world and thus sheds light on the logic of fiction and fiction making.
The Tractarian notion of an object is categorially indeterminate: in contrast with both Frege's and Russell's practices, it is not the logician's task to give a specific categorial account of the internal structure of elementary propositions or atomic facts, nor, correlatively, to give an account of the forms of simple objects.
Mindful of the journal's past, Hayden nonetheless prepared for its future by encouraging younger scholars and inviting special issues, taking special pride in those on Spasmodic and Tractarian poetry and the "Whither Victorian Poetry" double issue.
In the 19th Century, the Tractarian or High Church Movement really took off in the East End of London and the poorer parts of our cities when people's lives were dark, dull, even hopeless.
Tennyson's Victorian Devotional Poetry: The Tractarian Mode (1981).
In this paper, I try to sketch an elucidation of the form of the saying/showing distinction in order to indicate that it can be understood as the development of a single way of apprehending the most decisive problems, which seems to be essential in the Tractarian argumentation.
Did he dilute his own summoning with surges of tractarian fire water in a desperate, ironic strategy to stem the rising tide of the decline of theological competence?