Trafalgar Square

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Noun1.Trafalgar Square - a square in central London where there is a memorial to Admiral NelsonTrafalgar Square - a square in central London where there is a memorial to Admiral Nelson
British capital, capital of the United Kingdom, Greater London, London - the capital and largest city of England; located on the Thames in southeastern England; financial and industrial and cultural center
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They stood for a moment at the balustrade and looked at Trafalgar Square.
From the Strand he crossed Trafalgar Square into Pall Mall, and up the Haymarket into Piccadilly.
He followed her obediently into the shop at the top of Trafalgar Square.
The driver of the taxi knew only that three times during the course of his drive he had been caught in a block and had had to wait for a few seconds--once at the entrance to Trafalgar Square, again at the junction of Haymarket and Pall Mall, and, for a third time, opposite the Hyde Park Hotel.
Going on along the Strand to Trafalgar Square, the paper in his hand, my brother saw some of the fugitives from West Surrey.
He hailed me at half-past nine in Trafalgar Square.
But before he had made his second circuit of the Crystal Palace towers, Fame was lifting her trumpet, she drew a deep breath as the startled tramps who sleep on the seats of Trafalgar Square were roused by his buzz and awoke to discover him circling the Nelson column, and by the time he had got to Birmingham, which place he crossed about half-past ten, her deafening blast was echoing throughout the country.
Have you dragged the basin of Trafalgar Square fountain?
So, in his fancy, may he see himself sometimes, gracing the vacant pedestal in Trafalgar Square, and adding one more to the horrors of the London streets.
Contract notice: GLA 80686 Catering Services at City Hall and Trafalgar Square.
OFFICIALS at the Greater London Authority have complained about a PS2,000 repair bill for Trafalgar Square after thousands of Boro fans gathered there ahead of the play-off final.
London's National Gallery was lit with the colours of the French national flag and the Trafalgar Square fountains rotated red, white and blue water.