Traffic return

a periodical statement of the receipts for goods and passengers, as on a railway line.

See also: Traffic

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The project would see the closure of Ironmonger Row to traffic, two-way traffic return to Trinity Street, and Cross Cheaping to become pedestrianised.
So why are online advertising budgets getting bigger if there is so little traffic return on their investment?
We are delighted to see major freight traffic return to Gloucester," explained Ian Jarvis, general manager of British Waterways' south west division.
They plan to host art expos, fashion shows, workshops and children's events to ensure foot traffic returns to areas located off the Budaiya Highway, as part of the Bringing Back Business to the Budaiya Highway Through Fashion and Art project.
That way, when Boxing Day comes to an end and the traffic returns to the roads, it won't feel like something colossal and that January holds nothing but dark days and drizzle.
Minister Hatem Abdel-Latif has expressed readiness to resume talks with drivers on strike provided that the railway traffic returns to its normal rate first.
According to the carrier, a subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa (ETR:LHA), it could take days before air traffic returns to normal.
Hong Kong airport's traffic fell further in July and it warns that it will take some time before traffic returns to the level it was before the global economic dowturn.
On Sunday December 7, traffic returns to the streets but the Christmas shopping fun will continue as the West End hosts a special Family Day across Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street.
European air traffic returns to 'business as usual'.
Now, as air traffic returns to pre- 9/11 levels, concerns have again arisen as to how prepared FAA may be to meet increasing demands for capacity, safety, and efficiency.