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Transgender: Several trans leaders spoke at the rally.

[Short for transgender.]


1. a prefix meaning “across,” “through,” occurring orig. in loanwords from Latin, used in particular to form verbs denoting movement or conveyance from place to place (transfer; transmit; transplant) or complete change (transform; transmute), or to form adjectives meaning “crossing,” “on the other side of,” or “going beyond” the place named (transmontane; transnational; trans-Siberian).
2. a prefix used in the names of chemical compounds that are geometric isomers having two identical atoms or groups attached on opposite sides of a molecule divided by a given plane of symmetry. Compare cis- (def. 2).
[< Latin, prefixal use of trāns (preposition) across, through]


1. transaction.
2. transfer.
3. transferred.
4. transformer.
5. transit.
6. transitive.
7. translated.
8. translation.
9. translator.
10. transparent.
11. transportation.
12. transpose.
13. transverse.


1. =translation
2. =translatedtrad.
3. =translator
4. =transitive
5. =transport(ation)
6. =transferred
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On the trans face, the sacks were found to be more dilated and not interrupted by wells (Figs.
On the trans face of the Golgi apparatus, numerous vesicles of variable size could be noted, which were larger than the transport vesicles and are called secretory vesicles, and which were similar in size and appearance to the uncoated vesicles found in the apical cytoplasm (Figs.

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