Transcendental functions

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a quantity whose connection with the variable cannot be expressed by algebraic operations; thus, y in the equation y = 10x is a transcendental function of x. See Algebraic function (above).

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This textbook on real analysis covers number systems, sequences, series of numbers, basic topology, the limits and continuity of functions, differentiation of functions, the integral, sequences and series of functions, elementary transcendental functions, differential equations, Fourier analysis, and functions of several variables.
To select the type of production function of broiler, the estimations of Cobb-Douglas and transcendental functions were used.
The transcendental functions serve as a foundation for their empirical counterparts, in such a way that
Among the topics are introduction to analytic geometry, the integral and its applications, derivatives of transcendental functions, integration techniques, infinite series, higher-order linear differential equations, and the Laplace transform.
The transcendental functions defined by six second-order nonlinear equations are called as Painleve transcendent.
On the Zeros of Some Elementary Transcendental Functions.
He also announced that the theory applies to a wider class of transcendental functions including the lemniscatic arc length.
Topics include conformal automorphisms of finitely connected regions, meromophic functions with two completely invariant domains, residual Julia sets of rational and transcendental functions, generalizations of uniformly normal families, fractal measures and ergodic theory of transcendental meromorphic functions, and, of course, Baker domains.
The series expansion for many transcendental functions can be obtained from the Maclaurin's series.
The function in question is the recently defined Lambert W function that belongs to the family of transcendental functions.
Higher-end models capable of handling transcendental functions such as logarithms, sines, and cosines often cost $5000 or more.
Pickover in such areas as dynamical systems and transcendental functions in Science News (September 19, 1987).

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