Transfer day

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one of the days fixed by the Bank of England for the transfer, free of charge, of bank stock and government funds. These days are the first five business days in the week before three o'clock. Transfers may be made on Saturdays on payment of a fee of 2s. 6d.

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Events such as the Knowledge Transfer Day highlight our commitment to creating a safe space for industry experts to share and learn in an open and supportive environment.
other days in the - transfer day rarely to the Something tells me that deadline day as a real football manager may a little too hazardous to my health.
The RSTW featured the first ever Regional Technology Transfer Day, a Technology and Innovation Conference, Health Research and Innovation Conference, Regional Invention Contests and Exhibits (RICE), Exhibits on DOST VII Programs, Projects and Services, and DOST VII Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) Finalists.
He pointed out the upward trend in credit union membership growth and auto lending, especially since Bank Transfer Day in 2011.
Our skis, boots and poles were delivered to the chalet before breakfast by a friendly fellow from Ski Mobile rental equipment, saving us from the dreaded drama of the ski shop queues on transfer day.
Of the day's events, Choo reflects: "I suppose it's what the drama of transfer day is about, but we were absolutely delighted to get there in the end.
The 26-year-old Giant-Shimano rider from Germany did not start the 112-kilometre fourth stage from Giovinazzo to Bari in southern Italy following Monday's transfer day from Ireland due to a fever.
Texas Trust received top honors in both the Social Media and Retail Merchandising/Branding categories and for its Bank Transfer Day campaign.
Fortunately I binned the transfer day window drool-a-thon on Sky Sports News at a very early stage.
Summary: The much-anticipated transfer day deadline kicked off in its ever frantic fashion Friday, with a multitude of players finding new places to call home.
Recent media attention and social media events like Bank Transfer Day brought even further attention to the great story taking place today for American families with credit unions," McKay said.