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 (trăns′fər-mā′shən, -fôr-)
a. The act or an instance of transforming: her difficult transformation of the yard into a garden.
b. The state of being transformed: impressed by the transformation of the yard.
2. A marked change, as in appearance or character, usually for the better: recent transformations in the format of the publication.
3. Mathematics
a. Replacement of the variables in an algebraic expression by their values in terms of another set of variables.
b. A mapping of one space onto another or onto itself.
4. Linguistics An operation or rule that changes one linguistic structure (especially a syntactic structure) into another, as by the merger, relocation, or deletion of one of its constituents.
5. Genetics
a. The change undergone by an animal cell upon infection by a cancer-causing virus.
b. The introduction of DNA from one cell into another by means of a bacteriophage or one of a variety of chemical or physical methods.

trans′for·ma′tion·al, trans·form′a·tive (-fôr′mə-tĭv) adj.
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5, 2015 /PRNewswire/-- Directory publisher China's Transformative Companies is building an interactive database of enterprises both inside and outside of China who can reliably and capably serve that country's huge and largely untapped consumer base, and which will do so in a way that respects the planet's need for sustainability.
Transformative technology is technology that inspires a change or causes a shift in viewpoint.
As the Technology Partner of the Falling Walls Lab Kyiv, UTIEA supports Ukrainian start-ups and other transformative initiatives, helping the Ukrainian innovators present their potential on a national and international scale.
Speaking at the real estate conference, Transformative Projects--Transformative Issues held at Club 101, Garodnick siad the government needs to set rules that are clear, understanding and respectful of private needs.
Transformative learning is a critical aspect of the doctoral program and the focus of this study.
Books by Transformative Press focus on spiritual growth and personal responsibility.
That is why Ericsson has commissioned Transforming to a Networked Society, a guide for policy-makers and other stakeholders using ICT for transformative and sustainable development.
17, 2014, the Transformative Leadership Awards honor those in the industry who have demonstrated their commitment to advancing women and lawyers of color in corporate law.
Al-Falih added that the best way to obtain the real value of our transformative industries in the region is to secure a doubled economic output of added-value industrial complexes and areas as well as knowledge-based research and developing activities, a step that guarantees the achievement of the three goals of development: a strong economic growth, industrial base diversification and creation of job opportunities.
Basra / NINA / Head of the Energy Committee in the Basra Governorate Council, Mujib al-Hassani declared the completion of the project of Bab al-Zubair transformative plant, west of Basra, by French companies.
Denmark) details the knowledge and research on transformative learning and its connection to identity, considering the conditions involved in lifelong learning, development, and self-perception.
The central topic of the meeting of the countries of the Visegrad Group and the Western Balkans was the European integration of the Balkan countries, the challenges on their way to the EU, the transformative power of the European integration and the ways of exerting positive impact on the process of EU enlargement.
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