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a.1.More than human; superhuman.
Words may not tell of that transhuman change.
- H. F. Cary.
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In addition, the event clearly hints again at Andrew's possible condition as a computing machine and to the passage as a mise-en-abyme that points to his artificial condition and his efforts to change into a superior transhuman consciousness.
Another argument holds that transhuman technologies will simply let the rich get richer.
Furthermore, the social impact of the proposed gradual but radical transhuman transformation might be limited, affecting only those who will have access to the needed technological tools.
Transhuman interests inspire--and are inspired by--other areas of society, too, where technology is "challenging established ideas of, and relationships within, human life," maintains Hurlbut.
There's no need to convert to the transhuman way to get something out of Transcendence; creatives, circuitheads, and fans of science fiction will find plenty here to stimulate the mind.
Man and machine have become almost indistinguishable, and we have become transhuman.
This eternal actuality would seem to have to be somehow transhuman, and even transmind (trans-"natural science").
In fact, criticism in this transhuman moment is ripe to engage with
In short, the EcoGothic examines the construction of the Gothic body--unhuman, nonhuman, transhuman, posthuman, or hybrid--through a more inclusive lens, asking how it can be more meaningfully understood as a site of articulation for environmental and species identity.
Five thousand years in the future, humans have been replaced with a new species of transhuman colonizers.
The coming community, in Giorgio Agamben's terms, will be broader than Malthus could fully allow himself to see--though he repeatedly pointed to the anthropological and indeed the transhuman, interspecies feedback loops involved in any analytic of the principle of population.
com)-- Volume 1: "The Face in the Mirror: a transhuman identity crisis.