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 (trăns′jôr′dn, trănz′-)
See Jordan.

Trans′jor·da′ni·an (-jôr-dā′nē-ən) adj. & n.


(trænsˈdʒɔr dn, trænz-)

an area E of the Jordan River, in SW Asia: a British mandate (1921–23); an emirate (1923–49); now the major part of the kingdom of Jordan.
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In one paragraph he states that archaeological evidence contradicts the Exodus from Egypt, wilderness wanderings and conquests in Transjordan, but then goes on to suppose that there just may have been a miracle worker like Moses among the Semitic slaves in Egypt, who may have mediated to them knowledge about the new deity Yahweh.
Until 1926, he was the assistant commandant at the RAF College in Cranwell before being sent out to command Palestine and Transjordan.
The day after Israel's founding, Arab armies, chiefly from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Transjordan (now Jordan), attacked the new country.
Within just six weeks they had established a 'mandate' (administrative control) over the Middle East and drawn new borders, granting Palestine and Iraq to the British and Syria and Lebanon to the French, with Transjordan in the middle.
Despite Balfour's promise to restore Jewish independence, they gave three-quarters of Israel to Muslims for the Kingdom of Transjordan.
Of course the Arabs could store all the weapons they required across the Jordan in Transjordan, and also in Lebanon and Egypt.
Since the area of Transjordan was at least 80 percent of the original Palestine mandate, the British believed the Arabs would be appeased and relinquish their claim to the other 20 percent.
ambassador to the United Nations at the time observed that "intervention by any Arab state other than Transjordan [with whom the Israelis had a non-agression pact] would be of `neglible importance'" (p.
Chapters on the Balfour Declaration, Amir Faysal's expulsion from Syria and his installation as king of Iraq, and Amir Abdullah's acquisition of Transjordan offer nothing new.
that it is our unanimous view that an Arab Palestine is here to stay a separate Arab State, unattached to Transjordan, let alone Syria, but rather a separate Arab-Palestinian State in a specific territory of Palestine and within specific borders.
The Water Resources of Transjordan and Their Development, New Haven, CT, Yale University Press.
Angered at France's treatment of Feisal, his older brother Abdullah rallied tribes in the Transjordan area and threatened to launch raids on Syria.