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 (trăns′jôr′dn, trănz′-)
See Jordan.

Trans′jor·da′ni·an (-jôr-dā′nē-ən) adj. & n.


(trænsˈdʒɔr dn, trænz-)

an area E of the Jordan River, in SW Asia: a British mandate (1921–23); an emirate (1923–49); now the major part of the kingdom of Jordan.
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Between the Turkish sailors, the falcon spies, the card games in Gaza and Transjordanian Ibex, Jarrar creates stories that are eye-opening on one hand and completely relatable on the other.
They are also frequently targeted by Transjordanian reactionaries who still see them as glorified guests rather than Jordanian citizens.
However, even for the Ghassulian Chalcolithic, we have to recognize that this region was a pathway of exchange if we take into consideration that basalt bowls and tools most probably originating at Yarmukian, Transjordanian, or Tiberian sources were found at several sites (e.
Yet he has been unable to respond to the demands for such reforms because a more representative and empowered Parliament is the center of gravity of the apparently unbridgeable gap between the two most powerful populist forces in the country whose demands are diametrically opposed to one another These forces are the Transjordanian tribalists-nationalists on the one side, and Islamists-Palestinians on the other.
Joshua's assignment of the inheritances for nine and one-half tribes [west] of the Jordan is paralleled to the similar work by Moses for the Transjordanian tribes (Josh.
Given the long-standing historical ties that have bound both Palestinian and Transjordanian territories, political and socio-economic aspects of Jordan would be then overlapped with that Palestinian struggle for national liberation.
The very term "West Bank" is Jordanian, to distinguish it from the East Bank, the original Transjordanian territory of the kingdom.
In fact, on May 11, 1948, Golda Meir, on secretly conferring with Abdullab in Amman, learned that the Transjordanian monarch had no choice but to engage in battle against the future Israeli state and that the best he could offer the Jews was some sort of regional autonomy within his kingdom.
Regime efforts to mobilize the perennial resentments of Transjordanian nationalists against the Palestinians will have less traction when the heavily Transjordanian communities of the south are themselves in movement.
In fact, there was no distinction or differentiation whatsoever between Jordanians and Palestinians, despite political polarizations and struggle between the rival camps (West and East Banks) that marked the fifties and sixties of the last century," Kallab added, noting that all Jordanian prime ministers without exception were of Palestinian origin until 1955, when the Transjordanian Hazza' Majali came to power.
My uncle was a very funny man who lived a very colorful life, from which I choose the day he enlisted in the Transjordanian Army (the red belts) during World War II when jobs became scarce.
Transjordanian forces destroyed or forced evacuation of at least 12 Jewish communities in Judea-Samaria and occupied Jerusalem's Old City and Temple Mount.