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 (trăns-kā′, -kī′)
A former internally self-governing black African homeland in southeast South Africa on the Indian Ocean coast. It was designated a semiautonomous territory in 1963, granted nominal independence in 1976, and dissolved and reintegrated into South Africa in 1994.

Trans·kei′an adj. & n.


(Placename) (formerly) the largest of the Bantu homelands in South Africa; declared an independent state in 1976 but this was not recognized outside South Africa; abolished in 1993. Capital: Umtata


(trænsˈkeɪ, -ˈkaɪ)

a self-governing black homeland in SE South Africa, on the Indian Ocean: granted independence in 1976. 2,876,122; 16,910 sq. mi. (43,798 sq. km). Cap.: Umtata.
Trans•kei′an, adj., n.
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Paulsen spent four months in prison in late 1986 and early 1987 in the South African-created African homeland of Transkei.
The Transkei Initiative is a concrete example of how the agency has worked with South Africans to support increased access to justice.
Sir Cliff Richard has given a recipe for a Transkei Mud dish - which sounds unappetising but is in fact a calorie-laden combination of condensed milk, double cream, biscuits and chocolate.
In 1962-63 much of the effort of its activists went into organizing opposition to "self-governing" status being imposed on the Transkei.
General Assembly Resolution 31/6A (1976) termed the putative Transkei state "invalid" and called upon all states to "deny any form of recognition to the so-called independent Transkei.
Mandela, 79, said the bees were buzzing outside his vacation home Saturday in Qunu, South Africa, in the former Transkei tribal homeland, and then some flew inside and attacked, the Sunday Independent reported.
The success of this centre led to a request to help create a similar one in Malungeni, Xapile's hometown in the former Transkei.
After all, Mandela built his Transkei home according to the exact design of his last prison cottage.
Kerzner is legendary at wheeling and dealing, and there is no dispute that a decade ago he paid 2 million rend (then $1 million) to the former prime minister of the pseudo-independent Transkei "homeland" for exclusive rights to open a casino on the unspoiled Wild Coast (part of South Africa's East Coast).
The English-born photographer Constance Stuart Larrabee is known for two distinct bodies of work: her black and white prints of South Africa's tribal people (Zulu, Ndebele, Lovedu, Swazi, Sotho, Transkei, and Bushmen) - produced in the '30s and '40s - and her Life magazine-style photo-journalism in which she documented the liberation of Europe from the Nazis.
Born in a small Transkei village of a migrant mine-worker father and a mother who did subsistence farming to help the family survive, he had to walk 13 miles to school.
Rose with the Bantu of the Transkei, we are recommending multivitamins which contain molybdenum.