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 (trăns-năsh′ə-nəl, trănz-)
1. Reaching beyond or transcending national boundaries: "the transnational ramifications of terror networks" (Emanuel Litvinoff).
2. Relating to or involving several nations or nationalities: transnational organizations.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) extending beyond the boundaries, interests, etc, of a single nation


(trænsˈnæʃ ə nl, trænz-)

going beyond national boundaries or interests.
trans•na′tion•al•ism, n.
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Adj.1.transnational - involving or operating in several nations or nationalitiestransnational - involving or operating in several nations or nationalities; "multinational corporations"; "transnational terrorist networks"
international - concerning or belonging to all or at least two or more nations; "international affairs"; "an international agreement"; "international waters"


A. ADJtransnacional
B. Ntransnacional f
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First, he applauds Trump for his "clarion call to reject transnationalism and to re-embrace a world of sovereign nation-states.
This danger seems especially pronounced when the notion of transnationalism is applied to Jewish history, which, paradoxically, most scholars would agree, is at its core transnational.
Second-generation ties to the homeland are critical to issues of integration, yet understanding of second-generation transnationalism is thin.
This work coincides with a dramatic and rapid increase in migration flows from the island, a phenomenon, maintain social scientists, that has made the Dominican Republic an exemplary site for the analysis of contemporary transnationalism (Itzigsohn et al.
Alien Imaginations: Science Fiction and Tales of Transnationalism.
In the field of literary and cultural studies, transnationalism becomes an effective approach to reveal the profound yet still unexplored implications that derive from literary texts, languages, translations and art across the world.
ATO QUAYSON, Oxford Street, Accra: city life and the itineraries of transnationalism.
This volume has adopted a broad understanding of transnationalism as a continuation of comparative history and places the emphasis on the transnational perspective of the scholar as much as on the object of enquiry.
The French Anarchists in London, 1880-1914: Exile and Transnationalism in the First Globalisation.

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