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A radio or radar transmitter-receiver activated for transmission by reception of a predetermined signal.

[tran(smitter) + (re)sponder.]


(trænˈspɒndə) or


1. (Telecommunications) a type of radio or radar transmitter-receiver that transmits signals automatically when it receives predetermined signals
2. (Broadcasting) the receiver and transmitter in a communications or broadcast satellite, relaying received signals back to earth
[C20: from transmitter + responder]


(trænˈspɒn dər)

a radio, radar, or sonar transceiver that automatically transmits a signal upon reception of a designated incoming signal.
[1940–45; trans (mitter) + (res) ponder]


A receiver-transmitter which will generate a reply signal, upon proper interrogation. See also responsor.
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Noun1.transponder - electrical device designed to receive a specific signal and automatically transmit a specific reply
electrical device - a device that produces or is powered by electricity


[trænˈspɒndəʳ] Ntranspondedor m


n (Tech) → Transponder m, → Antwortsender m
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