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v. i.1.to be executed by electrocution in the electric chair.
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Trapped Under Ice has returned from their hiatus with a series of friend-packed tours promoting their latest drop Heatwave, a track-after-track explosion of positive energy.
A man got trapped under ice when he took a dip in the almost frozen water body after he missed an ice hole.
In Peru's Huascaran National Park, for example, melting glaciers affect water supplies and contaminate water and soil due to the release of heavy metals previously trapped under ice.
Methane discharge trapped under ice would reduce the concentration of oxygen in trapped bubbles, diminishing the value of air breathing to the fish.
In fact, the record ice melts have set off a race among the world's most powerful nations, as they jockey for influence in places like Greenland, where valuable mineral deposits and oil and gas reserves long trapped under ice are now becoming accessible for the first time (see facing page).
Phil Smith, station manager, said: "These boys are lucky to be alive and could have ended up trapped under ice.
FIRE crews were called to rescue a dog trapped under ice on a river.
Terror, with The Warriors, Death Before Dishonor, CDC and Trapped Under Ice
Connor Duncan was trapped under ice for 10 minutes before he was rescued by a pal's dad.
There is the loud lap and snort of an animal trapped under ice.
The opening credits ended with R&J looking upwards at us as if they were trapped under ice.
Oil spilled in the Arctic may become trapped under ice, well out of sight.