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A container where rubbish is discarded.


a US name for dustbin Also called: ash can or garbage can
سَلَّة أو بَرميل الزُّبالَه


[ˈtræʃˌkæn] n (Am) → secchio della spazzatura


(trӕʃ) noun
rubbish. Throw it away! It's just trash.
ˈtrashy adjective
worthless. trashy jewellery/novels/music.
ˈtrashcan noun
(American) a dustbin.
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In light of the recent events that have shamed the health sector including a dead baby found at a morgue trashcan, the birth of a still born twin a mother had no idea she was expecting and the death of an infant after it was infected by acinetobacter bacteria, MPs sought to discuss the plaguing issues.
So take that trashcan and go buy poison from crack sleuth Nuh Altarak.
The boundary between lynch-mob justice and trashcan lustration is very thin.
She's accompanied on the EP by Scottish songwriter (and her husband) John Douglas of Trashcan Sinatras.
The 45-day campaign, which launched August 22, focuses on the company's new Smartcan, a 23-gallon trashcan that guarantees users will never struggle to remove a trash bag from its can again.
Another bomb placed in a trashcan next to a high school in Pul-i-Khumri, the provincial capital of Baghlan, went off but caused no casualties.
As well as making one of the finest albums of her career, things are also looking brighter for John, who is a much loved musician in his own right with the band Trashcan Sinatras.
The bands can hold down lids on boxes and bins and even secure large trashcan liners on 44- and 55-gallon cans.
On the show, Late Night, the 27-year-old singer was backstage and couldn't make it to the ladies room and hence ended up going to a dressing room where she squatted in a trashcan, the Mirror reported.
Mapache, I feel you prowling in the night, lumbering onto my trashcan,
Her seventh solo album Love is The Way was released in 2009, featuring songs written with Boo Hewerdine, John Douglas (The Trashcan Sinatras), Jack Maher, Declan O'Rourke - and a rare Brian Wilson composition.
According to MK Danon (Likud), This bill negates the very establishment of the State of Israel and its place is in the trashcan of history and not the Israeli Knesset.