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A container where rubbish is discarded.


a US name for dustbin Also called: ash can or garbage can
سَلَّة أو بَرميل الزُّبالَه


[ˈtræʃˌkæn] n (Am) → secchio della spazzatura


(trӕʃ) noun
rubbish. Throw it away! It's just trash.
ˈtrashy adjective
worthless. trashy jewellery/novels/music.
ˈtrashcan noun
(American) a dustbin.
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The preview then jumps to a scene showing Babs' car hitting a trashcan by the sidewalk.
deliver and plant 40 tons of large trees 40 st installation of tree irrigation rings 15 st steel disc covers made of steel 2x2 m create 300 m 2 of lawns 150 m 2 extensive roof greening (in partial areas) including fall protection equipment such as: trashcan.
Yet one of the most powerful tools for lowering your impact on the planet is simple, and within your reach: just cut down on how much food goes into your trashcan.
It will be interesting to see if Apple abandons the Mac Pro's trashcan design and goes back to a tower.
A civil defence spokesman said: "Fires usually occur as the result of an unforeseen problem and are often pure accident, but it can be due to somebody's carelessness -- a lit cigarette thrown into a trashcan, a lack of maintenance, an operator's error or improper repairs.
In light of the recent events that have shamed the health sector including a dead baby found at a morgue trashcan, the birth of a still born twin a mother had no idea she was expecting and the death of an infant after it was infected by acinetobacter bacteria, MPs sought to discuss the plaguing issues.
Attacks on humans here are non-existent; the usual problems with bears are trashcan raids or wandering through a neighborhood.
So take that trashcan and go buy poison from crack sleuth Nuh Altarak.
The boundary between lynch-mob justice and trashcan lustration is very thin.
She's accompanied on the EP by Scottish songwriter (and her husband) John Douglas of Trashcan Sinatras.
Another bomb placed in a trashcan next to a high school in Pul-i-Khumri, the provincial capital of Baghlan, went off but caused no casualties.
As well as making one of the finest albums of her career, things are also looking brighter for John, who is a much loved musician in his own right with the band Trashcan Sinatras.